Vertical Axis Wind Turbine  (VAWT)

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Technical specifications:


- Three-blade Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

- Rated at 1,000 W @ 11m/s (24.6 mph) Wind


- Total Output at 4.5kWh / DAY with 5 m/s (11.18

   mph) Wind Speed (Rayleigh Distribution)

- Physical Dimensions: 2.25m (H) x 2.66m (D) [88.58"

  (H) x 104.72" (D)]

- Weight: 140 kg (308.65 lb)

- Temperature Operating Range: -40 to 50 degrees C

   (-40 to 122 degrees F)


- Adjustable Mounting for any Variable Pitch Roof

- Weight: 51 kg (112.44 lb)



(located indoors at electrical panel)

- Continuous Rated Output Power: 1,200 Watts

- Continuous Output Voltage: 120 VAC

- Dynamic Loading: Peak Power Tracking Algorithm

- Distortion: Less than 5 per cent (2.5% typical)

- Efficiency: 94 per cent (max.); 85 per cent (min.)

- Temperature Operating Range: 0-60 degrees C

   (32-140 degrees F)

- Altitude Operating: 4,500 m (15,000 ft) Grid

-Tie Interface: Compliant to regulations


*Regulatory Approvals
- UL Listed to UL1741 Inverters, Converters, and

  Controllers for use in independent power systems

- CSA 22.2 No 107.1 Standards Commercial and

   Industrial Power Supplies

Windterra ECO 1200 1 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The Windterra ECO1200 Wind Turbine is a revolutionary Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT). Thanks to its advanced technical design, the ECO1200 is ideally suited to both rural and urban installations, generating green energy from a freely available source -- the wind! Wind generation provides a viable solution for addressing such issues as the increasing demand and cost of power, and directly addresses world environmental issues.


How Does VAWT Work:

1 - Turbine spins and 3 phase AC generator produces power at wind speeds as low as 9 mph.

2 - Inverter manages the power and delivers useful household power that is compatible with the grid. The inverter also keeps a record of actual output - kWhs produced.


3 - Bi-directional meter (required in most cases) connects the wind turbine to the grid, allowing the utility to credit you for the electricity generated. The meter will spin backwards when the system produces more electricity than is consumed.




* Omni-directional: The ECO1200 can instantaneously accept wind from any direction as opposed to HAWTs (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines, which require an on-board motor to rotate the unit relative to wind direction.

* Turbulent-wind friendly: The ECO1200 is easily roof mountable and is less affected by turbulent air, making ECO1200 suited for areas where houses and trees may disturb airflow.

* Low rotation speed: The ECO1200 rotates up to 200rpm during normal operation and has a maximum rpm of 270.

* Industry-leading annual output: The ECO1200 blade design is optimized for performance at typical lower wind speeds. The result is a higher annual output which makes the ECO1200 a cost effective choice for green energy.

* All-in-one system: The ECO 1200is a complete power-generation package, including turbine, controller/inverter, and mounting system. This system can typically be installed and ready to use in four to five hours.

* Roof-top mounting: The ECO1200 is designed for roof top use, eliminating the need for a pole or tower installation that significantly increase cost and complicate routine maintenance.

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** Power output curves and related information provided herein are intended to serve as estimates.  Actual power output and optimal turbine performance will depend on various factors including but not limited to the model and size of the turbine, weather and climate conditions, and location and elevation of the turbine installation site.  SolCool One LLC bears no liability for any damages or losses of any kind whatsoever that may be sustained by any party due to reliance upon these informational estimates.


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