Product - Millennia 1.5-Ton HVAC Direct Current System

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1.5 Ton Package w/Drinker Water Maker Feature


1.5 Ton Split


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Millennia 1.5-Ton HVAC Direct Current System


The Only Renewable AC & Heat Solution!


The all DC, Millennia air conditioning & heating system is revolutionary in many ways. The patented, low power Millennia is globally distributed through SolCool One, LLC, ( and manufactured by Senergy Cooling Systems. The 1.5-Ton Millennia HVAC system uses up to 50% less energy than comparable high efficiency conventional equipment for a 20 EER Rating.

The Sustainable DC Millennia HVAC features are unique in the world with an on board charge controller that can be wired to accept renewable direct DC power or US grid power and EU grid power. With a 2 to 12 hour backup battery bank capability. The Millennia requires very little  renewable energy to run completely independent all day and night. This makes the Millennia one of a kind for zero emission climate control. The 1.5 Ton Millennia is completely scaleable, units can be combined or zoned for 2-10 ton applications.


The Millennia Package and Split Systems easily installs inside or outside, in utility closets, an addition, office, garage or warehouse.  A wheeled, portable version that is fully charged can be easily operated remotely for up to 12 hours between charges. DC options that should be integrated into the Millennia Package and Split Systems  are; Ceiling Fans, Power Ports and Lighting.



24/48 Volt DC Systems Battery Backup
DC and/or Grid Charging Emergency Lighting & Device Charging
1.5-Ton Single or Double Split

Drinking Water Maker 

(1.5 Ton Package Only)

Handheld Remote Control
Whisper Quiet Operation


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Incentive: According to the National Appraisal Institute (Appraisal Journal – Oct. 1999), your home’s value increases $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills. So, your solar electric power system would add more value to your home than it cost you the day you turn it on.

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