Solar Array  SCO-218

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The SCO-218 Glass substrates a-Si thin film solar cell module which applies new-type EVA lamination encapsulation technology with two pieces of glass.


• Longer light absorbing time

• Smaller shadow cover effect ("Hot Spot" effect)

• Smaller performance change when temperatures rise

• Well dispersion light absorb

• Strength and resistance to harmful environment



Rated power: 18W

Module efficiency: 5%-6%

Nominal voltage: 12v-13v

Warranty: 80% minimum warranted power output over 20 years



SCO-218 Universal frame with an accessible junction box for cable connection


Qualification Test Parameters

Temperature cycling range: -40oC to +85oC for 200 cycles

Damp heat test 85oC and 85% relative humidity 1000h

Front & rear static loan test (eg: wind) 2400pa

Front loan test (eg: snow) 5400pa


Quality & Safety

Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories

Warranted minimum power: 18W

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 17.5V

Current at Pmas (lmp) 910mA

Short circuit current (lsc) 1200mA

Open circuit coltage (Voc) 25V

Temperature coefficient of Isc (0.08+0.02)%/oC

Temperature coefficient of Voc -(0.34+0.04)%/oC

Temperature coefficient of Pmax -(0.19+0.03)%/oC

NOCT2 43+2oC

Maximum series fuse rating 20A


Mechanical characteristics SCO-218

Dimensions 4’t x 1’.25"w x 1"thick

Weight 16.75lbs.

Frame Clear anodized aluminum - color: silver

Junction box With 4 terminal screw protection connection block, cable fittings accepting 2.5-6mm diameter cable. Terminals accept 1.5 to 6mm2 AWG wire.


Diodes Construction

 One 9A 45V schottkey by-pass diodes included

Front: high transmission 3mm glass

Rear: 3mm glass

Encapsulation: EVA


1, Standard test conditions (S.T.C.), irradiance of 1000W/M2 at an AM 1.5G solar spectrum, and ace; temperature of 25oC


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