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SeaPure Inc.'s latest technology provides boat owners and operators an alternative to standard oily water separators currently in use today.  The SeaPure system is specifically designed for vessels under 400 gross tons in size.  This bilge water extraction system is a filtration vessel containing a patented high-absorption capacity media for oil and grease removal -- effectively removing oil from bilge water to as low as 5 ppm -- well below environmental and coast guard required levels.


It could end up costing you thousands in fines or operating costs if your current system does not meet federal standards in bilge water treatment.  Improperly working systems are just as detrimental to your operating efficiency.  Experience the difference a SeaPure system can make in your bottom line.


  • Fast & Easy Installation

  • Arrives Turnkey 7 Ready for electrical hook-up

  • No accidental oil spillage -- Sensors automatically

    shut system down when in contact with pure oil

  • Fully automatic systems

  • New filter cartridges make maintenance a snap


Custom Designs


to Fit Your

Unique Needs


Model SP12C-2.5 Max Flow: 2.5 GPM

Model SP12C-5.0 Max Flow: 5.0 GPM

Features & Benefits:

-   A pre-filter for solids removal

-   Pre-filter & polishing vessels are modular

    for easy onboard placement

-   Marine quality pump

-   Filter cartridges for easy removal &


-   Fully Automatic

Model SP42 Max Flow: 30 GPM


Features & Benefits:

-   Dock-based system designed for maximum

    pumping capacity

-   Pre-filter for solids removal

-   Built-in containment tank available

-   Areas of application: ship yards & shore based bilge

    water storage tanks






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